I’m Bridget

Design Thesis | "Blob Mapping"

Psychogeography + design research examining how space becomes place by exploring behavioral, multi-sensory mapping called “Blob Mapping”.

UX Research  |  “Glocalli”

UX research covering a two-sided product + virtual experience concept focused on connecting customers with small, local producers. 

UX Research  |  “And Then…”

A card game consisting of two sets of cards. They are pieced together in a domino style and are connected by the creative narratives built by the players. 

Branding/UX  |  “Match d’Improvvisazione Teatrale”

Re-branding for the League Improvvisazione Firenze (LIF) improv matches mimicking the energetic atmosphere, wild audience, and outrageous results.

Branding  |  “Sant’Osrola”

Branding for the contemporary, community-focused revival of the historical Sant’Orsola complex in Firenze.