With plans to renovate the massive historical structure after laying dormant since the 90’s, here is the brand identity concept for the Sant’Orsola building in Firenze.

The logo is is constructed from the jagged silhouette of the Sant’Orsola complex . The three main courtyards form the apostrophe in the Sant’Orsola name and the O is snagged from the circular opening to the underground levels located in the largest courtyard. The environmental graphics also mimic this irregular visual language.

Orso is Sant’Orsola’s cheeky guide. He is part of the Sant’Orsola name, but more than that “Orso” means bear in Italian which is ironic because he’s really not so scary. Orso is is courageous thorough. He is here to lead you through the Sant’Orsola complex and help you best experience this exciting new space. 

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