The idea:

There was a video I saw on social media about a boy trying to get the attention of a girl in the apartment building across from his during quarantine. He ends up sending a drone over with his phone number- genius. I realized that his small gesture demonstrates in such a pure way our intrinsic need for social interaction, and the impact of quarantine has illuminated how important that is for everyone.

Alone | It is a feeling we can all relate to; especially from the effects of the 2020 quarantine, which ironically makes us less alone in that shared feeling. 

The story:

In a crowded city, there is a girl: bored, looking out her window. She throws a paper airplane out the window. Still bored in her room, she is surprised by another paper airplane that makes its way through her window and lands on her floor. She looks out her window and sees a boy waving from the apartment directly across from hers. He throws another paper airplane, initiating the purest of friendships and they begin throwing airplanes back and fourth all day long. She falls asleep with an airplane she was going to throw back still in her hand. When she wakes up she is surprised by a mound of paper airplanes that had arrived in her room while she was sleeping. She looks out her window and sees many children in the building windows of other apartments eagerly waving with their own paper airplanes.

The design:

In my illustrations, I wanted to simplify the style and content to force the reader to try and create a connection with  the character’s inner emotion based on how they interpret the shapes and composition.