Whitestar | Lumi

Branding | Visual Design

Building a unique, understandable and playful graphic language for educational, printed and online materials intended to attract both children and parents.


Children | Education | Montessori Learning

My role

Branding | Visual Designer

Project timeline

July 2020 — September 2020



Using psychology in brand identity

Lumi products are a range of educational tools designed to promote children’s well-being, using a combination of neuroscience, pedagogy, and evolutionary psychology. The challenge was to create a branding and packaging system that could appeal to different developmental groups and parents while also making sense in both Italian and English languages.



Considering cultural & age group relevance

The brand needed to appeal to both children and parents, with a design that was appropriate for different developmental groups. The team had to consider the visual preferences of different age groups while also making sure that the brand was culturally relevant to both Italian and English-speaking audiences.



Creating a system

The team decided on the name “Lumi,” which is a play on words, meaning “illuminate me” in English and “illuminare mi” in Italian, symbolizing the guidance and light that the brand offers. The logo features a lighthouse, which has always been a symbol of guidance and illumination. The surrounding islands represent different areas of development, with accompanying animals that serve as companions for children on their educational journey.

To create a branding and packaging system that was appropriate for different developmental groups, the team worked with a developmental psychologist. They developed a color, icon, and pattern system that was tailored to different developmental stages. The packaging design for each product was created with consideration for the target age group’s visual preferences.


Results & Takeaways

Communicating across languages & developmental stages

The brand was launched at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, the leading professional fair for children’s books globally, and is featured in the laFeltrinelli Book Stores across Italy. The Lumi product range has received positive feedback from parents and educators alike. The team’s collaboration with a developmental psychologist and their tailored approach to design has resulted in a branding and packaging system that is appropriate for different developmental stages while also being visually appealing to children and parents.