I design for humans

The goal is to make technology more human, not less, by creating products that are accessible, inclusive, and meaningful.

Who I am

Once upon a time I was a flight attendant, jet-setting around and experiencing different cultures while freelancing from hotel rooms and airport terminals around the world. This situated me to further develop my ability to communicate effectively and solve problems in stressful situations. Plus, experiencing the full cultural immersion of living and working in Italy for five years gives me a level of finesse that’s priceless as a UX designer. These experiences shape who I am as a designer. I was able to gain a global perspective and use that to design with everyone in mind.

What I do

I specialize in human-centered design and visual communication. With a focus on understanding users’ needs and behaviors, I create intuitive and engaging digital experiences that align with clients’ business objectives. I leverage strengths in innovative design & strategy, and a deep understanding of cross cultural sociology to craft memorable designs that guide users through an intended journey and drive business success.

How I do it

I used to struggle with understanding where I fit along the analytical – creative spectrum. I simultaneously enjoy studying and applying the deductive methods used in psychology and sociology, and have a natural apt for creative thinking and visual arts. UX design is where I thrive. Creativity is a source of innovation that I’m able to effectively channel into problem solving.