“and then…”

A card game consisting of two sets of cards. They are pieced together in a domino style and are connected by the creative narratives built by the players. 

What I did

UX Research

Content Strategy

Visual Identity

Packaging + Game Prototype

Design Process


The initial step in forming a theme or overall fundamental concept for the game design. “And then…” evolved from a social deduction, strategy-based game into a storytelling game with a strong focus on narrative and social interactivity between players.

mechanics + game play

Next, was the methodical analysis of the flow, probabilities, balance and mechanics of the gameplay. We explored and defined rules, point systems and objectives.


We created a playable version of the game so that we can visualize the pieces and prepare for play testing with others.

play testing

Finally, we testing the gameplay with other players. Once we could understand where the weak or complicated points were within the game we could revise the mechanics and gameplay accordingly.

Where to play

There are three versions, the physical package, an at-home printable set, and a digital version on Figma Community.