UX research for Artisanal Italian products + virtual experience business structure connecting the world with small, local producers.


Italy has over 20,000 small, artisanal product producers

Glocalli offers participants the opportunity to try unique, artisanal products sourced directly in Italy from small, local producers. The physical product + virtual experience structure builds an immersive experience hosted directly by the producer. Producers have the opportunity to interact and talk about what they are passionate about, and consumers can learn, share and try authentic Italian products while supporting small, local businesses all conveniently shipped to them directly.

Cabin Fever

As an American living in Italy, I felt suddenly even more disconnected from my family and friends here and there with the onset of the pandemic in 2020. Italy’s tourism sector was especially impacted by the travel restrictions. The absence of in-person visitors and tourists has had a serious impact on small agritourism farms in Italy. I met with San Donato fattoria owners Federica and Umberto Fenzi to discuss a conceptual virtual experience project and get their feedback. I saw the need for small producers to connect with tourists and continue selling their products despite physical movement restrictions, and my family and friend’s back home longing to travel and experience Italian culture and food. From this, we began developing the idea of Glocalli.

Artisanal Italian products and virtual experiences connecting the world with small, local producers.

The details

How it Works

Locally sourced Italian products are packed in a Glocalli box inclusive of a virtual experience component hosted by that producer.

Customers can purchase a private or community experience to share with family, friends or colleagues.

The box is shipped to the customer/ group directly.

The customer/group is notified to book a date and time slot for the virtual experience.

User Research

Customer segments

Glocalli includes two main groups of customers- the small product producers in Italy and the end consumer. Consumers consist of individuals or groups including organizations such as corporate events. The producers will host a virtual experience explaining the history, culture and production process of the included products. The virtual experience would be hosted live at variable times during the month and if the customer is unable to attend a recording of the event will be available to them after the first one is filmed.

Problems for customers/participants

  • Unable to travel
  • Wish to virtually connect with family/friends on a deeper level
  • Artisanal Italian products not available at current location
  • Wish to gift something more immersive
  • Dull organized online events

Problems for producers/hosts

  • Lack of in-person tourism/customers
  • Need to expand client market
  • Weak online presence
  • No product distribution in US

User Research

Solution: Glocalli

Value for customers/participants

  • Opportunity to try artisanal authentic Italian products at home
  • Learn about the history, culture and production process
  • Engagement with the producer/host
  • Support for small local businesses in Italy

Value for producers/hosts

  • Engagement with the consumer
  • Broader client reach
  • Product presence and exposure in the US

User Research

Host and Participant personas

Developing a deeper understanding of who would be using this product/service and why.

Some of brainstormed personas/motivations for buying a Glocalli box/experience included a father wanting to connect with a daughter that lives far away, a young professional looking for a unique gift to send to a friend far away, and a study abroad student that wants to share his experience in Italy with friends/family back home.

The producers/hosts targeted for Glocalli box products are small, independent producers of high-quality products.

User Research

Host and Participant customer journeys

Understanding the anticipated actions required from and emotional responses of customers and producers/hosts.

Service Flow

Glocalli Service Blueprint

Taking a closer look at how the front stage, backstage and support process would flow together.

Service Flow

Participant & Hosting Steps

Glocalli is a two-sided platform, so the process and steps taken by the potential participants and hosts would be different. Here we’ve outlined the expected actions on the user-end side.

Service Flow


Connecting people from every corner of the world requires a clear understanding of how time zones, languages, and shipping times would play into scheduling the virtual experience. Simply put- the host decides on pre-set time + date experiences slots, each one indicative of the languages offered.


For community experiences, the first language booked for a time slot is the designated language offered for that time + date. Anyone can opt in to participate in a community experience, with a private experience it is closed to only in that group.